These are some of the photographs and letters we have received from New owners and their puppies.
New Owners Photos
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Hiya Linda

I hope you are well?

We just wanted to share a picture of our Ruby with you. We love her to absolute bits, she is such a wonderful character and a bundle of joy.
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Hi Linda,

I hope you are well.

I have previously had the pleasure of having poodles from you and have recommended you to quite a few people over the last few years, not that you need any help of course! A friend had a poodle from you in December from Lexi and is really pleased with him.

I am enquiring if you are planning on having a litter from a red poodle soon, particularly Sophie. We have a delightful daughter from Sophie and Alfie, Sir Phillip Red and are very keen on having another poodle bitch, especially if she is from Sophie.

I would be grateful if you could let me know what litters you may be planning and I would love to arrange a deposit to ensure you can choose us a strong solid red bitch.

I will attach a photo of our latest poodle from you, Sparkle who is now 3 years old and was born on 5 November 2017, who is absolutely perfect.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Jacquelyn Reynolds
Hello Linda

Rosie has been with us for three weeks now and it is difficult to remember life 'before Rosie'! She is so incredibly good, loves her cuddles and has such a lovely character. She is in a crate in the bedroom at night, and sleeps through with no bother, even when she first came home apart from a little crying she was fine, she wakes up at 5ish in the morning and goes straight into the garden to the toilet ...... I was so proud of her.
Pete takes her to work (she stays in the van) and she woos all his customers, she really does do the charm ...., so she is rarely alone which is good.
Everybody who meets her loves her, she has such a lovely temperament and is cheeky as well, she is also extremely determined - she mastered the stairs (up only) after about a day, although she hasn't worked out yet how to get back down yet..
Harvey is obsessed with her and it is nice to see him finally with the companion he has always wanted, he is getting more confident with her and it is good to see his confidence around her growing. As soon as we can we will be booking some puppy classes.
She doesn't eat much, but she does poo and wee a lot, and she is full of life and bright as a button.
Her character and nature is such a testament to the fabulous start in life which you have given her. I just hope we can continue to give her her best life and hope she loves us as much as we love her!

We will keep in touch and let you know how she is doing,

With very best wishes

Audra McChrystal
Hi Linda,
We have had Rosie for 6 weeks nearly now and she has made herself right at home. She is such a good puppy, very loving and affectionate. Loves her cuddles and all the attention she gets from the girls.
It feels like she has always been here and can't imagine our lives without her now.
She likes to go for little walks and is really good on the lead .

From day 1 she has been sleeping on her own downstairs in her crate all night with the help of puppy pad for her to go toilet and for the last week she has decided no more poops in there.

She has already learned to sit, fetch, drop and is currently learning stay .

Thanks Again

Iddon Family
Good morning,

We thought we would drop you a line to Paddington is doing very and he is an amazing puppy. We are so proud to be his humans.

Kind regards
Hi Linda,

Reuben at six months old.
He is an absolute delight and full of character.
He loves people and playing with other dogs.
Hi Linda

Just wanted to share a picture of our beautiful Ruby who turned 1 today. I love her dearly ❤️
Hi Linda

Just to let you know Rio is loving life at our house. She gets on so well with the other dogs, the horses and the kittens.

She really is quite a character, she loves shoes! and she actually talks, she is so intelligent, but does have a habit of a real Deaf Ear when she wants to do her own thing.

Jane Ashmore